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INFINERGII - Neuroscience performance nootropics for athletes - 1 Month (80 Ct) {1}
INFINERGII - Neuroscience performance nootropics for athletes - 1 Month (80 Ct) {1}

INFINERGII - Neuroscience performance nootropics for athletes - 1 Month (80 Ct)

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INFINERGII - Neuroscience performance nootropics for athletes - 1 Month (80 Ct)

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Infinergii                        INFINERGII™
The most effective athletic performance enhancement product on the market. Infinergii™ not only gives one energy, but also increases alertness, concentration, reaction time and cognition while creating lasting health.
quick facts
Optimal Physical and Mental Performance
For Athletes
Powerful, yet healthy long term
Goes great with pre/post-workout formulas
Developed by neuroscientists
Vegan, FDA, NSF, GMP certified
80 Count Summary
Increase your athletic performance with Infinergii™. Infinergii™ was developed with the latest neuroscience research to optimize one’s performance by increasing motivation, vigilance, strength, endurance, concentration and accuracy. It combines Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines with a blend of nootropics to give you the ultimate advantage in practice or in competition. Without trying Infinergii™, it is very hard to imagine something that is far more effective than a caffeinated energy drink, with far less side effects and long lasting health benefits. Make your efforts subconscious and efficient. Execute your sport accurately and effectively. Take the gold with Infinergii™.
Benefits Increased Motivation Motivation actually comes from a combination of logic and emotion. By enhancing cognition and uplifting one’s emotions, one is able to strategize a plan more quickly and concretely, then have the confidence and optimism to get up and execute the strategy. Improved Cognition and Strategy Create strategies to keep you a step ahead of the opponent, on point with your maneuvers, or simply from falling off a cliff. Enhanced Alertness and Reaction Time Along with enhanced cognition comes increased visual acuity, faster problem solving, and faster reaction time. Flowing & Effecient Movement As one develops a strong sense of awareness externally and internally, the mind will subconsciously sense the body’s position relative to the environment and its capabilities to execute efficient and flawless movements. Increased Strength and Vitality At a peak mental state, pain, lethargy, and doubt are all diminished leaving your mind and body solely dedicated to the task at hand. Balanced, Calm, and Concentrated Infinergii™ gives an interesting balance to where the body will feel light and energetic, and one will experience motivation and increased alertness, but yet remain calm, composed, patient, and ready for the next move.
Infinergii™Energy DrinksEnergy ShotsPre-Workout FormulasFat Burners Energy8810106 Strategy102343 Concentration102453 Confidence101332 Flow-State93344 Reaction-Time (High is better)106777 Efficiency93554 Stamina64584 Power Output86797 Accuracy93443 Safe and healthy100%NOSOMEMOSTSOME safety
Infinergii™ is designed to have more energy as well as other cognitive benefits without the dangers or side-effects of coffee, energy drinks, sodas, caffeine candies, or pre-workout formulas.
Nanotechnology delivery method releases caffeine slowly to not disrupt your body’s natural cycles.
Thoroughly Tested
All ingredients are 3rd party lab-tested to be of the highest purity and potency.
Safety Research
Multi-dimensional analytical safety models used all interactions of the ingredients in your brain.
Professional Experience
Formulated by expert professionals from diverse scientific and medical backgrounds.
Ingredients Guarana Concentration and alertness are key to the success of an ahtlete. In a study that compared guarana with other energy giving herbs such as coffee and yerba mate, guarana was able to give the most alertness and concentration. Maca Root Extract Maca is an adaptogen that helps restore hormone balances. These hormones are important for building muscle, strength, and keeping one motivated. Maca works differently for women and men, but delivers similar result for each sex. Phenylpiracetam Phenylpiracetam is structurally similar to piracetam (the most popularly used nootropic for boosting mental performance in the world) except that it has a phenyl group added to it to help it cross the blood brain barrier. This allows it to act more quickly, potently, as well as reduce the side effects. It has also been shown in the studies to have significant impact in athletic sports. L-Theanine L-theanine is extracted from the green tea plant and is what gives green tea a balanced and calm feeling despite the caffeine content. Infinergii™ is not just designed for energy, but is designed to keep you thinking with precision and clarity to help you perform your best. Rhodiola Rosea An adaptogenic plant that uplifts one’s emotions and makes one feel more motivated. It also works to make other supplements more effective. Alpha-GPC When the brain is making decisions, thinking quickly, learning new strategies, and remembering techniques, it uses up a chemical in your brain called acetylcholine. To replenish this “thinking fuel” in your brain, alpha-GPC refuels your acetylcholine allowing you to keep your mental performance at its peak. Walnut Extract Hu Tao Pi is an extract from the walnut tree known in Chinese medicine to bring more energy to the blood and a strong yang energy to the heart. These two elements create massive energy in your whole body, strengthening your heart, organs, muscles, and brain. Panax Ginseng Red Panax Ginseng (Ren Shen in Chinese medicine) is the of the most potent herbs used in Chinese medicine for improving vitality by increasing reserved energy (yuan qi) in the lung, spleen and heart. In western medicine studies it has been shown to improve aerobic capacity, endurance, and resistance to environmental stress. Cordyceps Sinensis In Chinese medicine Cordyceps increases yang energy to the liver and kidneys and yin energy to the lungs. The result it an overall increase in vitality and strength to all your muscles and organs. Ashwagandha Exercise or competitive sports can be quite stressful. Ashwagandha has been shown in many studies to fight fatigue and reduce stress allowing you to feel a controlled sense of alertness that gives you the ultimate advantage. Macuna Pruriens Macuna Pruriens is an adaptogenic plant that when eaten, increases dopamine levels in the brain resulting in improved confidence, cognition, motivation, and overall well-being. 7-keto-DHEA 7-keto-DHEA is a form of DHEA, which gives people the boost in energy and confidence, that doesn’t interfere with the natural hormone production. Nootriplex™ IQ A proprietary cannabinoid formula created from our research into cannabis based neurological solutions. Cannabinoids are known to be very powerful at enhancing our mental state and healing our body. The enhanced healing and balance of the muscles allows them to be stronger and more controlled than before. All of the cannabinoids used in Infinergii are extracted from plants other than cannabis. B-Complex The full spectrum of 9 essential B-vitamins at their optimal dosages to help your body get the nutrition it needs to optimize your neurotransmitter levels and feel your best. Taurine Taurine is a naturally occuring amino acid that balances neurotransmitter levels when taking stimulants like caffeine, and protects the body and heart from harmful free-radicals. Magnesium Magnesium helps relax the muscles and keeps the mind running efficiently. Our magnesium is also bound to 3 taurine molecules to make it more absorbable and also deliver more taurine to your body for enhanced bodily function. Ingredient Label
I have been working on my fitness for a while, but I stopped making progress for a long time. I was taking all the right protein powders, supplements, and pre-workouts combined with a high vegetable, low carb diet, so I thought this was just they way my body was. After trying Infinergii™ I realized it was my mentality that was keeping me from moving to the next level.”
Natalie Jackson
Sometimes I am flying stories in the air and a 1% difference in my takeoff can easily send me to the hospital. I think great health insurance is definitely necessary, but I think that it is much better to make sure you execute as accurately as possible so that you don’t end up needing to use that health insurance to begin with."
Nicholas Smith
When it comes to fencing, everything comes down to strategy, placement and timing. That’s why when I found out that Infinergii™ helps with all three of those, I realized that this is the ultimate hack."
Jamie Sutton
Cost Comparison
We conducted a comparison using either the highest rated or the recommended products on Amazon to determine their price per milligram of the active ingredient, then multiplied that by the number of milligrams of that ingredient in a 3.2g dose of the Infinergii™ product to see how much Infinergii™ would cost if one were to purchase from Amazon. Here is a summary of our calculations.
Cordyceps Sinensis
Rhodiola Rosea
Red Panax Ginseng
12 more ingredients
mg Amazon
0.0019 mg / dose
200mg Comparative Cost
The calculated cost per 3.2g dose of Infinergii™ based on the industry average would be $17.69 whereas a single dose of Infinergii™ from Nootripure costs less than $6.00. If you are a proficient shopper, you may be able to make your own Infinergii™ for as little as $15.00 a dose. But why not do something good for the world by supporting a non-profit, and save money doing it?
Please contact us for the complete excel sheet with calculations and links to the referenced products.
features two part program The Nootripure programs consist of a psychology based eBook and a neuroscience backed supplement that work synergistically to create potent and lasting healing effects. Guaranteed Effectiveness All of the Nootripure products are guaranteed to be the most effective products in their respective categories on the market. If not, you will get a 100% refund. See terms for details. Lowest Cost Nootripure saves you money. Currently, each of the products are about 1/3 the cost of the market average if fairly measured “pound for pound” of active ingredients. Accuvii™ Technology Accuvii™ is our proprietary nano-delivery technology. It can deliver the right ingredients at the right time, to the right physiological systems to reduce side-effects and improve safety. Integrative Neuroscience Technology Each of the Nootripure products leverage integrative neuroscience technology to deliver superior results. Highest Potency The ingredients in the Nootripure products are selected based on their highest available potency, ranging from 2x to 20x the market standard. To see the potency rating for each ingredient, check the ingredients on the product pages. Nootriplex Nootriplex is an engineered can*nabinoid compound designed for optimal healing and cognition that was developed by the neuroscientists at Nootripure. Fully Certified Each of the products come with full certifications and are 3rd party lab inspected 3 times before being distributed.
our company
Nootripure Laboratories is a subsidiary of the Nootripure Foundation, a California based non-profit for mental health. In the foundation’s mission to resolve mental illness, Nootripure Laboratories was created to advance those efforts through state of the art nutraceuticals.
A team of Neuroscientists, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners, psychologists, and bio-engineers that have come together to uplift the human condition. We do research in drug and supplement combination therapies that increase cognitive performance and promote mental wellness.
To improve mental wellness for the world through integrative neuroscience technologies.
Over 44 million Americans deal with chronic mental health issues on a daily basis and about 500,000 people attempt suicide each year. This is the extreme, but our goal is to help people from becoming part of one of these statistics in the first place. How many people do you know wish they had more energy, wish they didn't feel anxious in meetings or presentations, wish they could perform their best in their art, career, or sport? Gone are the days when we let our environment dictate how we feel, think, and perform. We can take control of our physiology, our body, and our mind to create a life we truly love.
The Nootripure Foundation provides free education about how to help one to think and feel their best while optimizing their mental performance through the Nootripure University.
We conduct multiple research projects to develop technologies that will help defeat mental illness.
We work alongside other nonprofits for mental health to spread awareness and provide support throughout the US and world-wide.
We offer a series of neuroscience based mental health programs that are easy and fun for people to use to maintain optimal mental performance such as the product in this listing. other products
Unprecidented neuroscience based products for every area of life.
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Every product purchase qualifies you to receive free membership to the Nootripure Foundation and Nootripure University. Enroll all profits go to the nootripure foundation
A non-profit for mental health that is winning the fight against mental illness.
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Supply: 1 Month and Longer
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